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This city needs a new hero. A hero who will distribute mail packages faster than light. You can be the chosen one and with the help of your power you can save the city.


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I realize i am bad with computers lol, i dont usually play pc games, but i was having trouble playing your game. whenever i click on the application it asks me how i want to open the game. the only option is the app store, when i click that it then brings me to the search results of "rar". do i need to install one of those applications or something?

Hello Epiphany04!

Game is compressed, to decrease package size for faster download :) I am afraid if you want to play our game, you have to download such software (f.e. "7zip" <- click this link, choose your system and download, its free :)). After 7zip install, you should be able to open package like other directories on your computer. 

P.S. If windows still cant open this. There is possibility that you will have to use [RightMouseButton] on previously downloaded Mail-Man package and now from menu choose "7zip" > "Unpack to Mail-Man\" (Or something similar if you get another software than 7zip)

Hope i helped. Thanks for comment, and if any further problems, just type!


Another potential solution to getting on top buildings is you could have a wallkick where if you are hanging a short distance below the edge of the building and you wall kick you will do a circular motion starting going backwards from the kick, then up, then forward onto the top of the building. This wall kick could also be used for other situations when you would otherwise be stuck to a wall

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Hello lukostello,

We want to thank you for such long feedback! We were a little bit limited by time, while we were working on GameJam. But you are right about the difficulty. Buldings were oriented to be less and less accessible. We did have plenty of ideas about game enhancements, but we could developed this one here.

Yet, not only you noticed a potential in here. Which i want to thank you about, once more :D


oh also this is how I always wanted Spiderman to traverse in games and even before I played your game I was thinking about why they didn't do it this way. I came to the consensus that when you are swinging as fast as spiderman does that it would be impossible to accurately aim, although you could slow it down to solve that problem but then you wouldn't feel like spiderman going that slow. But in your game it feels like I am moving fast while still able to aim fairly accurately that must have been one tough sweet spot to find and I commend you for finding it


What no comments or ratings? This is way better than anything I've played from this jam so far. So satisfying to move around in this game. Feels like spiderman. I'm assuming that the left and right click webshooters have the same properties. If ratings were still up I'd give you perfect score in everything except theme because the only thing that is really dual purpose about it is not only can you use the shooters to grab buildings but also objects (mail) but that was by far the least engaging part of the game. Had the mail system instead worked by equipping the mail by touching it then dropping it off by being in the drop off area the game would have not lost anything from it in fact it might have improved by it. Because the most fun part of this game is going around using both webslingers, the only argument I have for keeping the tether for carrying the mail is that by limiting yourself to only one during the delivery restricts your movement and therefore makes it more of a challenge, but at the cost of making it less fun I'd say is not worth it. Maybe there could be a way to make it more fun like using the tension of the slingers to whip the mail to the target but I realistically can't see myself doing that because I have no doubt I would whip it inaccurately and lose the parcel. But if there were enemies I wouldn't really care where they go I could just grab one with the slinger and whip them wayy of into the distance now THAT would be fun. The environment is beautiful and a lot of fun to traverse. I found getting on top of buildings a bit challenging because the tension is determined by the length of the shot and if I am really close to the top of the building and I make a short shot I will hardly be flung at all. My recommended solution is to have a minimum inertia such that if I am just below the top of the building and I shoot the top of the building it will give me just enough inertia to fling myself on top. Or maybe the ability to climb up walls/ledges ;) Also its not very clear when I have a shot or not, I figured out that it does have a max range but there is no indicator that I can or cannot shoot. I think the cursor should change if my target is within range